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CHHAT has been recognized by the jury of the Buckminster Fuller Awards and is announced as the winner of the student category 2016. This is the first year that the Fuller Challenge program reviewed student entries separately from the general pool and selected a student winner. CHHAT was selected amongst dozens of entries as best fitting the criteria of the Fuller Challenge.
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Buildathon in association with CHHAT is an event conducted by Vadodara Design Academy, where exchange of knowledge takes place through hands on learning, seminars and participatory processes at both learning and technique level. Collaboration with people of varied fields involving actors, artists, architects, film makers and earth practitioners have helped us explore newer vistas through sharing of thoughts and worthwhile discussions.

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With the ideology of giving back to the society students of Vadodara Design Academy have worked to provide shelter through a series of service-learning projects. Constructing a shelter for a Government school in Bil Gam, a village in the outskirts of Baroda city is one such attempt that would contribute to our philosophy to cater to the needy.

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